Creative Elements Of Your On-Air Credit

Research has shown that underwriting on a PBS station carries a great deal of credibility with audiences. Viewers respond positively to the uncluttered messages and less commercial environment found within the public broadcasting system.

In keeping with PBS guidelines and FCC restrictions that forbid the use of promotional or qualitative language in underwriting credits, WDSEWRPT does not allow explicit calls-to-action, pricing, superlatives or comparative in their on-air credits. Depicting customer use of a product is also forbidden.

However, a wide variety of creative approaches are possible within the guidelines that WDSEWRPT follows in the productions of underwriting credits. For example, your credits may:

  • Be 15 seconds in length
  • Use your brand or corporate logo
  • Include contact information, including your telephone number or web address
  • Depict products out of the packaging
  • Feature one specific product or up to three generic product lines or services
  • Feature voiceover by WDSEWRPT talent

To achieve your underwriting objectives, you may choose either to provide your own visual elements within these guidelines or to work with members of our WDSEWRPT production team.