Public broadcasting is the only television service specifically designed to touch and teach, stimulate the imagination, inform, and entertain and to do so in a non-commercial environment.

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Charlie Deville
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Businesses and organizations have the unique opportunity to support public television in the form of underwriting. Program underwriters assist WDSEWRPT in meeting the ever-rising costs of quality programs.

Funding local public television through underwriting serves both a business and the community. While an underwriting credit visually connects a business with valued programs unique to public television, it also helps provide funding that affects the quality of life for everyone in our area.

What is Underwriting?

Businesses, corporations, foundations and organizations support programming on WDSEWRPT by underwriting specific programs or time periods. By funding local public television, managers cost-effectively achieve public relations and marketing goals - while enhancing the quality of life in their community.

Although similar to traditional advertising, underwriting differs from opportunities available with commercial media primarily in the presentation of the message and in the way potential customers perceive the underwriters. Compared to other venues, WDSEWRPT offers a uniquely dignified environment that is both attractive and effective. Through consistent application of PBS guidelines, credits stand out in an uncluttered medium that emphasizes a balanced presentation. Approximately on-fourth of commercial broadcast time is dominated by ads and promotions, but pubic broadcasting allocates only a few minutes of each hour to underwriting credits and promotion of upcoming programs.

Consumers see public television supports as committed to quality and excellence and as industry leaders. Furthermore, a recent national survey confirms that the public television brand remains a leader in developing and maintaining connections with the consumer. Because public television serves the community through its quality programming and outreach initiatives, association with this valued institution enhances image, while it heightens awareness of product or service.

Underwriters on public television receive recognition with an 8-10 second visual and audio identification. The credit can include a brief audio tag, the sponsor's logo, address and contact information. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), PBS guidelines, and WDSE-TV policies govern on-air acknowledgement of all underwriters. Although regulated in order to provide a balanced environment, the creative elements of an on-air credit can take many unique and exciting forms.