Gifts of Stock

As you make your gift to WDSEWRPT, it may be to your advantage to make a gift of stock. By doing so, you can lower your income taxes and escape capital gains taxation.

When you donate long-term appreciated securities, you can

  • Avoid capital gains taxes
  • Claim the full value of your gift as a charitable deduction
  • Make a larger gift than if you first sold the securities and then gave the net proceeds
  • Support the programming that you value and enjoy

In order to transfer securities to WDSEWRPT, you or your broker should provide the following information:

Donor's name and complete address
Name and number of securities transferred
The specific program at WDSEWRPT, if any, to which the gift should be directed

At the time of transfer, you may communicate this information by calling or sending an email to:

Jennifer Julsrud, Director of Development
Phone: (218) 788-2806
E-mail: jjulsrud [at] wdse [dot] org

Thank you for supporting WDSEWRPT.