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Younger Next Year: The New Science of Aging

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Price: $75.00

2 Book Combo Includes: Younger Next Year For Men and Younger Next Year for Women

2 DVD + 2 Book Combo Includes: Both books in the 2 Book Combo plus the program DVD and Come Back to Fitness: A Younger Next Year Guide to Effective Heart Rate Training

The Younger Next Year books, co-authored by Dr. Henry Lodge and Chris Crowley, have been a dramatic success, selling well over a million copies in 16 languages. The reasons are simple. Dr. Lodge has illuminated the new science of aging: that everyone – no matter how old – can take control of his or her biology and reverse the process of aging. Crowley, having adhered to the books' tenets, is vital proof. We can indeed make ourselves physically and mentally younger and prevent the majority of symptoms – the misery, apathy and illness – that we call normal aging.

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