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Use Your Brain to Change Your Age with Dr. Daniel Amen

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Price: $75.00

Do you want to feel more fit, energized, and mentally sharp? You can -- the fountain of youth is literally between your ears. In this program, award-winning psychiatrist, brain imaging expert and best-selling author Dr. Daniel Amen shares simple steps to boost your brain to help you live longer, look younger and dramatically decrease your risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

A healthy brain is the key to staying vibrant and alive for a long time and an unhealthy brain will take your life early. By adopting the brain healthy strategies detailed in “Use Your Brain To Change Your Age,” you can outsmart your genes, put the brakes on aging and even reverse the aging process. If you can change your brain, you can change your life – and your age.

Combo Includes:

  • 2 DVD Set of the program: The Amen Solution DVD with Bonus Material
  • Hardcover Book: “Use Your Brain To Change Your Age”
  • CD ROM Cookbook: “Live Longer with The Brain Doctor’s Wife”
  • 6 DVD Course: High Performance Brains -- The Amen Clinics Program to Decrease Your Risk for Alzheimer’s, Depression, Obesity and Improve Everything in Your Life
  • Change Your Brain To Change Your Age Master Questionnaire
  • One year’s free membership to Dr. Amen’s NEW Online Program, The Amen Solution. It includes the Brain Type Questionnaires, Food Journals, Recipes, Calorie Counters, Anxiety Busting Exercises, Exercise Guide and his New 24/7 Brain Training Gym

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