Retire Safe & Secure with Ed Slott

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Sat, 2019-03-02
Sun, 2019-03-03
Fri, 2019-03-08
Sat, 2019-03-09
Sun, 2019-03-10
Thu, 2019-03-14
Sun, 2019-03-17
Price: $72.00

America needs Ed Slott now more than ever! Greedy Wall Street bankers and Congress have just upended 30+ years of the tax code – what does it all mean for you and your family!? And more importantly, how can you protect your hard-earned savings?!

Retire Safe & Secure with Ed Slott is a dynamic, all NEW program shot on location in a theater in front of an enthusiastic audience of 700. As he’s done in all of his hit pledge specials, Ed combines a vast in-depth knowledge of retirement tax rules.

The Slott Solution for 2019 includes:

  • 3 Books:
    - 2019 Ed Slott’s Retirement Decisions Guide
    - Fund Your Future – A Tax-Smart Savings Plan in Your 20s and 30s
    - Retire Safe & Secure! with Ed Slott - Program Guide - Updated for 2019 (300 pages)
  • 15 DVDs and 2-CDs including:
    - Program DVD – Plus Bonus Program “How to Check Your Beneficiary Forms” - Getting the Most Out of Your Social Security and Retirement Benefits
    - 3-Part DVD Series:
    -- DVD 1 – Should You Name a Trust as Your IRA Beneficiary?
    -- DVD 2 – Setting Up the IRA Trust
    -- DVD 3 – Implementing the Trust and Trust Alternatives
    - 2-Part DVD Series
    -- Is a Roth Conversion Right for You?
    -- DVD 1 - Your Roth Conversion Evaluation
    -- DVD 2 – 7 Roth Conversion Cautions
    - Big Mistakes Made by Banks, Brokers and Financial Advisors
    - 6 Retirement Rollover Options - What You Need to Know to Make the Right Choice
    - Get What You Pay For! - Your Guide to Investment Fees and Value
  • Ed Slott’s Essentials:
    - 10 Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor
    - 7 Biggest Retirement Mistakes!
    - Retirement Tax Horrors Your Can Avoid!
    - Life Insurance for Life and Beyond
    - Critical Items for Critical Moments
  • 2 CDs:
    - Live Events
    - Advisor Check-Up
  • 2019 Guides to BIG Tax Savings:
    - 2019 Retirement Tax Update Letter
    - 7 Ways to Super Charge Your Roth IRA
    - The Biggest Retirement Tax Loopholes for YOU!
    - 3 Critical Steps to a Safe & Secure Retirement
    - Simple Strategies to Reduce Medicare Surcharges

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