Pete Townshend's Classic Quadrophenia

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Price: $72.00

An orchestral presentation of The Who’s 1973 groundbreaking album and seminal rock opera, featuring performances by Pete Townshend, Billy Idol, Phil Daniels (the original star of the film, Quadrophenia) and British tenor Alfie Boe. This magnificent work, orchestrated by Pete’s partner and composer in her own right Rachel Fuller, is also performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Robert Ziegler, and London’s Oriana Choir. The story chronicles the British Mods of the 60’s, the joys and pains of young adulthood, and the familiar feelings of loneliness and longing for love and human connection.

CD Track List:

  1. I am The Sea
  2. The Real Me
  3. Quadrophenia
  4. Cut My Hair
  5. The Punk And The Godfather
  6. I´m One
  7. The Dirty Jobs
  8. Helpless Dancer
  9. Is It In My Head
  10. I´ve Had Enough
  11. 5:15
  12. Sea And Sand
  13. Drowned
  14. Bell Boy
  15. Doctor Jimmy
  16. The Rock
  17. Love, Reign O´er Me
  18. The Real Me (encore)

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