The Patient's Playbook with Leslie Michelson

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Price: $72.00

Using compelling, real-life stories of patients and physicians, Leslie Michelson reveals life-saving strategies and decision-making tools to empower viewers to completely rethink the way they interact with caregivers and hospitals.

“The Patient’s Playbook Collection” includes:

  • Hardcover Book, The Patient’s Playbook by Leslie Michelson
  • 8-DVD Library:
  • - Program DVD w bonus Q&A
  • - 3 Things You Can Do Right Now to be Better Prepared for a Lifetime of Good Health
  • - The 10 Things You Must Ask Before Leaving the Hospital
  • - How to Recruit a Medical Quarterback
  • - Don’t Live in Pain
  • - The Patient’s Playbook Success Stories
  • - Conversation with Dr. Gail Roboz of Weill Cornell, here are the steps you must take next
  • - Conversation with Dr. Bob Udelsman, How to find the best surgeon for any medical problem
  • Patient’s Playbook Medical Records Binder (with dividers, stickers, and worksheets)
  • Patient’s Playbook USB card loaded with essential documents (Looks like a Credit card)

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