Painting the Wyland Way: Live in Studio

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Price: $90.00

This is an instructional art program taped in a live classroom-studio environment. This casual setting allows the artist to lead the conversation during a creative and philosophical journey into the undersea world of the dolphin, experienced through the eyes of a diver.

Wyland's message, reflected throughout his art, is one which delights in the beauty of our watery planet and urges us to recognize our role in maintaining the fragile balance of the Earth's ecosystems above and below the water.

Complete Painting Kit includes:

  • 5 Wyland Brushes
  • 4 ecological paints
  • Gel retarder

Combo Pack includes:

  • Book - The Art & Life of Wyland
  • Official Wyland Cap
  • 4 11x14 color prints ready to frame (Titles: Endangered Manatees; Northern Mist; Ocean Calling; Whale Vision)

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