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Painting the Wyland Way 2: Sea Turtle Rising

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Price: $72.00

The host of Wyland's Art Studio, famed marine artist and conservation advocate Wyland, brings his latest creation to life in his second public television special. Wyland shares basic and advanced painting techniques while taking his students step-by-step through the creation of a naturalistic underwater scene. For his subject matter, he chooses to paint one of the ocean's gentle giants, a sea turtle rising gracefully above a sunlit tropical reef, surrounded by a school of fish. Along the way, he shares his insights on perspective, composition, color theory, color mixing, texture, scale and form, and provides tips on sketching and finishing.

"Painting the Wyland Way Kit" includes:

  • DVD - Painting the Wyland Way – Sea Turtle Rising
  • DVD - Painting the Wyland Way – Deep Blue Dolphin Sea
  • 8 ecological acrylic paints
  • 5 brushes
  • 1 bottle of gel retarder
  • 2 11x14 pre-drawn canvases to get started

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