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Orangutan Diaries

Price: $60.00

Deep in the Borneo rainforest, veterinarians and caregivers have a massive and emotional task ahead of them: rescuing and nursing the jungle’s most appealing - and most vulnerable - animals back to health. There are approximately 600 orangutans being cared for day and night at the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation. Most have had traumatic lives, clinging to survival as rainforests are burned around them, while others are snatched from the wild to be sold as pets. Every day is a challenge for the team as they care for the orphans and deal with the human crises of life in a rainforest hospital. Pledge now to receive great Orangutan Diary gifts.

Adoption Combo Package includes:

  • Orang tote bag
  • 2-DVD Set - Orangutan Diaries
  • One-year adoption of orphaned orangutan