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Money Smarts with Jonathon Pond

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Price: $60.00

Making smart money decisions. Money Smarts, is intentionally a double entendre. For many of your members, money does "smart," in the same way a sharp pain jpondsmarts. The purpose of the program is to help members supplant those smarts by making smarter (shrewder) money decisions.

The economic, investment, job, and housing landscapes have undergone fundamental changes over the past several years, and individuals and families need to alter their approaches to achieving and maintaining financial security. The media paints a dour picture of our prospects, but it's really based upon money decisions that individuals make.

A plan for all seasons. Financial security is not based on how much you earn; it is based on what you do with what you earn. Money $marts with Jonathan Pond lays out a plan for getting back on track financially in a way that protects you and your loved ones no matter what happens in the future. The program is organized around six topics:

  • Protecting your money during tough economic times
  • Keeping your eyes on the retirement prize
  • Taking control of your debt and big ticket items
  • Set it and forget it - controlling the controllable in your financial life
  • Investing - the focal point of your financial future
  • The five keys to a secure financial future every day

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