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Harbor History

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Harbor History Documentary

The story of the Duluth-Superior Harbor is long and colorful. It begins with the geologic forces that formed the natural harbor, and continues today with the engineering marvels that persist in reshaping the face of our working waterfront. “Harbor History” is a big story- in turns dramatic, tragic, funny, and fascinating. It is a tale of Native Americans, explorers, traders, and immigrants - political maneuvering, economic ups and downs, huge opportunities, maritime industry, and gargantuan building projects. Our story is illustrated with rare old drawings, maps, photographs, and archival film. “Harbor History” is a delightful documentary about challenge, inspiration, and triumph. It is a worthy addition to the videotape library of any history buff.

5-DVD Set includes:

  • Harbor History - Overview
  • Harbor History I - A Grand Idea
  • Harbor History II - The War Years
  • Harbor History III: Modern Harbor- World Port (1954-1980)
  • Harbor History IV – 1980 – 2000

Working Waterfront Documentary

The Duluth-Superior Harbor sparkles under the lens of WDSE•WRPT’s photographers in this award-winning documentary, Working Waterfront: A Harbor Portrait. The one-hour program captures the striking image of the waterfront, as well as the dedication and character of the people involved in the local shipping industry and the diversity of their port occupations.

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