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Eat & Cook Healthy! With Dr. John LaPuma

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Price: $65.00

Do you want to experience food that's easy to make, that you can't wait to eat, and that helps you grab the energy and good health to reclaim your life? If you love food, want to have more energy, reverse your family history, or want to know what to eat to get and stay healthy, then Eat & Cook Healthy! with Dr. John La Puma is for you.

At thirty-five, after eating too much of the Standard American Diet (SAD, isn’t it?), Dr. La Puma had become SADly paunchy. So he decided to research the science of nutrition while also going to culinary school to learn to cook. He created the revolutionary new concept of "culinary medicine" - recipes, foods, and meals that prevent or control common health conditions without sacrificing restaurant-quality taste.

Book: "Chef MD's Big Book of Culinary Medicine"

CD: "Dr. John Puma Live - Face to Face

5-DVD Library includes:

  • "Eat & Cook Healthy! with Dr. John La Puma"
  • "Learn to Cook Healthy"
  • "Your Kitchen Medicine Cabinet"
  • "Drinks with Benefits"
  • "Easy Ways to De-Stress"

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