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Easy Yoga for Easing Pain

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Price: $72.00

In Easy Yoga for Easing Pain, Peggy provides a path to relief for you if you suffer from varying levels of pain in your muscles or joints.

Easy Yoga for Easing Pain CoverPeggy's newest routine demonstrates yoga movements that can increase your flexibility, reduce joint pain, even combat fatigue and enhance overall well-being.

Unrelenting joint pain can be a result of arthritis, injury, or repetitive motion, and it can affect anyone. All too often, pain becomes a vicious cycle, making us hesitant to be active.

This gentle yoga workout presents a reasonable plan to help pain sufferers overcome this cycle and transform their lives.

This four-part yoga routine includes:

  • Seated exercises and yoga poses for the upper body.
  • Seated exercise and yoga poses for the lower body.
  • Standing yoga sequence for the hips and legs, with the aid of a chair if needed.
  • Relaxation and meditation.

Plus, there are 3 BONUS sections on Easy Yoga for Easing Pain:

  • Bounce and Shake, a tried-and-true, simple exercise from Qi Gong that is fun, easy, and has the ability to generate energy throughout your body.
  • Resistance Band Exercise, using stretchy bands to both warm-up and strengthen core muscles in your shoulders, upper back, and chest.
  • Documentary: Meet Peggy’s real-life students whose aches and pains were eased with the introduction of a simple yoga routine.

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