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Deepak Chopra: What Are You Hungry For?

Price: $60.00

Based upon insights from the latest research from the world’s leading universities and research centers, "What Are You Hungry For?" features world-renowned physician, best-selling author and educator Deepak Chopra. With information on the scientific, behavioral and medical basis of hunger in all its manifestations, along with healthy ways to satisfy it, this program is a step-by-step action plan for permanent weight loss, healthy eating and a guide to healing our bodies.

“The Chopra Solution” Combo includes:

  • 7-DVD Library - What Are You Hungry For?
    • Deepak Chopra MD, What Are You Hungry For?
    • 7 Steps to Emotional Freedom
    • The Science of Intelligent Nutrition
    • Instant Stress Management Techniques
    • Balancing Your Biological Rhythms
    • The Path to Enlightenment
    • The Secrets of Perfect Well-Being
  • Book - What Are You Hungry For?
  • Workbook - What Are You Hungry For?
  • Planner - What Are You Hungry For?
  • 2 NAC Bands
  • 2-Year Exclusive Membership to Dr. Chopra’s Inner Circle Website