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Celtic Thunder: Storm

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Storm is a compelling show that tells the story of a land struggle and cultural differences through the vibrant dynamic of musical theater. The show bursts forth onto a nighttime, flame-lit scene with an energetic, highly primal dance number to an underlying Celtic beat “Storm Overture”. Storm is a turbulent, raucous stand off between the darkness of gypsies, and the resolution of the settlers both fighting for the same piece of land. The gypsies have inhabited the land for generations and the settlers are looking to put down roots and build their community.

From the outset it’s clear this show will push boundaries. The themes of love, unrequited and forbidden, the sweet innocence of youth and the triumph of life experience are also found throughout Storm. The King of the Gypsies character, played by Ryan Kelly, woos away the daughter of a settler in the number “Midnight Well”, while The Highwayman, played by Keith Harkin, gladly relieves the gentry of their riches in his lively rendition of “Stand and Deliver”. Irish Soprano Deirdre Shannon plays a Noble Woman in Storm and gives a haunting rendition of the Clannad favorite “Harry’s Game” while dancer Caroline Torti’s gypsy dance in “Shadows Dancing” is an amazing, dark and sultry piece of choreography.

Track List

Storm Overture; New Day Dawning; Outside Looking In; When You Are 18; Life In The Old Dog Yet; Not The One; Stand And Deliver; The Highwayman; Lagan Love; Midnight Well; Shadow’s Dancing; and Harry’s Game.

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