Bringing it Back Home - Paul Metsa and Cats Under the Stars

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Price: $75.00

This performance documentary features original music from throughout their careers including the 40th reunion concert recorded live in Duluth in September of 2015.

Virginia native Paul Metsa and his band “Cats Under the Stars” celebrate 40 years on the music making highway, through Minnesota and beyond. His story and that of the ‘Cats’ takes us from the hard drinking, riotous ‘70s bar scene of the Iron Range to the unrestrained ‘80s Minneapolis music scene.

Vinyl Collection includes:

  • DVD of Program
  • CD - Paper Tigers with two Bonus tracks
  • CD - Blues, Ballads and Broadsides
  • Autographed Book - Blue Guitar Highway by Paul Metsa
  • 45 Vinyl Single - Cats Under the Stars
    Side A Louie, Louie
    Side B Blue Ghosts
  • LP Album - Paul Metsa – Paper Tigers

CD - Paper Tigers by Paul Metsa

Dylanesque wordplay in folk, jazz, blues, bluegrass, and rock and roll styles. Metsa's debut album, released in 1984 to critical acclaim, is featured here in a newly remastered version with two bonus tracks: 59 Coal Mines and Virginia (solo-acoustic.)

Book - Blue Guitar Highway by Paul Metsa

This is a musician’s tale: the story of a boy growing up on the Iron Range, playing guitar at family gatherings, coming of age in the seventies, and honing his craft in Minneapolis, ground zero of American popular music in the mid-eighties. Paul Metsa’s book gives us a close-up, dizzying view of the roller-coaster ride that is the professional musician’s life.

CD - Blues, Ballads and Broadsides

This is Americana music in the broadest sense of the term: blues, ballads, political broadsides, folk, country, bluegrass, jazz, and rock and roll.

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