Bob Ross: The Happy Painter

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Price: $50.00

Bob Ross, one of the most iconic figures in public television, seems deeply familiar to viewers but fundamental information about him has never been revealed. What is Bob Ross' story as a man and an artist? How did The Joy of Painting get started? And what was it about Bob himself that made him such a compelling figure?

Blue Ridge PBS will answer these questions and more with this one-hour, high definition documentary. Some of the most surprising elements of the program are the interview segments with celebrities who learned to paint the Bob Ross way including Brad Paisley, Jane Seymour and Terrance Howard. Blue Ridge PBS also secured an interview with Phil Donahue, who played an important role in Bob Ross' career by featuring the artist on his Chicago-based show.

Bob Ross Supreme Painting Package includes:

Everything you need to paint like Bob Ross! Contains Bob Ross 2” Brush, 1” Brush, Liner Brush, Large Painting Knife, Liquid Blue, Midnight Black, Dark Sienna, Van Dyke Brown, Alizarin Crimson, Sap Green, Cadmium Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Indian Yellow, Bright Red. Bob Ross Odorless Thinner 32oz., Bucket & Screen and Beater Rack, Clear Plastic Palette, Travel Easel, an 18”x24” Bob Ross Canvas, Color How-To Instructions and 30-minute DVD for ‘Mountain Reflections’ scene, and Lightweight Carrying Case.