Bea Ojakangas: Welcome to My Kitchen

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Sun, 2020-11-29
Sat, 2020-11-28
Mon, 2020-11-30
Tue, 2020-12-01
Thu, 2020-12-03
Fri, 2020-12-04
Sun, 2020-12-06
Mon, 2020-12-07
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Sun, 2020-05-31
Mon, 2020-06-01
Thu, 2020-06-04
Sat, 2020-06-06
Price: $72.00

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2-DVD Set - Bea Ojakangas: Welcome to My Kitchen (6-part cooking show series)

WDSE•WRPT previews its new six-part series on the award-winning cookbook author, food writer, and columnist Beatrice Ojakangas. Step inside her kitchen and cook along as WDSE•WRPT celebrates one of our local cooking celebrities.

The Great Scandinavian Baking Book

Recipes for savory and authentic morsels from the north country, now in paperback! Food is the heart of a Scandinavian home: scrumptious pies, delicate pastries, millions of cookies, and, of course, savory bread. Each country - Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland - has its specialty and no one goes hungry. In this mouthwatering collection, Beatrice Ojakangas calls on her own Scandinavian heritage and wide-ranging knowledge of baking to produce the definitive cookbook for this rich cultural heritage.

The Great Holiday Baking Book

An expert on traditional holidays and the special baked treats that mark them, veteran chef and cookbook writer Beatrice Ojakangas presents recipes for twenty-one seasonal occasions and cultural holidays. She takes you from spring to winter with recipes like heart-shaped coffee cake for Valentine’s Day, Austrian carnival doughnuts or spicy rabbit cookies for Easter, and cinnamon-walnut kamish bread or challah for Rosh Hashanah.

Breakfast with Beatrice

Sweet or savory, classic or surprising, fancy or short order, these are breakfasts for every occasion, with simple ingredients, straightforward instructions, and the occasional anecdote. Whether you favor a grain-rich loaf or a handy quick bread, or a sweet treat like Cardamom Coffee Braid or an elaborate Danish pastry, these recipes will satisfy your morning palate. For more leisurely breakfasts (or for dinner when it's kids' choice), there are pancakes and mouth-watering cream waffles to warm the heart. From quiches and casseroles to waffles with berries, Breakfast with Beatrice is a treasury of recipes worth waking up for.


This memoir/cookbook from celebrated cook Beatrice Ojakangas is chock-full of recipes, anecdotes, and a kind humor that brings to vivid life the Finnish culture of northern Minnesota as well as the wider culinary world. Homemade delivers the savory and the sweet in equal measures and casts a warm light on a rich slice of the country’s cooking heritage.

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