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America's Home Cooking: Easy Recipes for Thrifty Cooking

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Times are hard. Family budgets are stretched and cooks have to be thrifty gourmets. In times like these, using simple ingredients to make nourishing and filling family meals is a must.

WQED Pittsburgh’s Chris Fennimore takes to the kitchen to prepare recipes used by thrifty gourmets for years in America’s Home Cooking: Easy Recipes for Thrifty Cooking, a new cooking marathon.

“Our mothers and grandmothers were the original thrifty gourmets,” said Chris. “We’re going to dip into that traditional kitchen wisdom and add a few new twists for Easy Recipes for Thrifty Cooking.”

Chris has collected more than 100 tips, tricks and recipes to save time and money while still creating delicious and nutritious meals. Frugal cooking techniques will include subjects like “A Chicken in Every Pot,” “Using Legumes,” “Comforting Casseroles,” “Hearty Soups,” and “Grandma’s Wisdom.”

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