Working Waterfront

The Duluth-Superior Harbor sparkles under the lens of WDSEWRPT’s photographers in this award-winning documentary, Working Waterfront: A Harbor Portrait. The one-hour program captures the striking image of the waterfront, as well as the dedication and character of the people involved in the local shipping industry and the diversity of their port occupations. In a two week span our crew boarded ten vessels-4 lake carriers, 2 salt water vessels, a fueling barge, a tour boat, a pilot boat and a tugboat. At every turn, we spoke with Captains and crew members, ship agents and dock workers as they went about their daily tasks. This program takes you inside the local maritime industry and introduces you to a close knit family with intimate ties to the water, and the port. If you've ever wanted to climb up a gangway, take the wheel in the pilot house or crawl around the engine room you’ll enjoy Working Waterfront.

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WDSE•WRPT’s Working Waterfront is…

  • An insider's look at port, much more than the view from the pier
  • Narrated completely by those directly involved in the port
  • A major production with only the best shots from 24 hours of video tape
  • The work of three talented photographers with 40 years of experience combined

Plus Working Waterfront was screened at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, as part of Women in the Director’s Chair, in 1998.

Copies of Working Waterfront are available. Single episode DVDs are $29.95. Call (218) 788-2831 for more details.