Lost Duluth II

There’s more to rediscover in “Lost Duluth II”, a history documentary found exclusively on WDSE WRPT Public Television. Uncover hidden underground tunnels beneath Duluth’s streets, century-old tributes to the forgotten men and women who built the city. We’ll remember a World War I-era shipyard that once employed thousands in western Duluth’s Riverside neighborhood.

We’ll step back in time to hear the romantic story of some of the city’s pioneer residents. Along the way you’ll learn what a carriage step is and why you can no longer find them in the city; delve in to Duluth’s advertising legacy; and remember the grand pavilion that once served as the social center of the city. And we’ll visit the site of the first passenger bridge connecting Duluth and Superior. What remains today is one of the best places to view the working port.

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WDSE WRPT’s “Lost Duluth II” is based on the book “Lost Duluth” from Zenith City Press. Producer/Writer Greg Grell, Photographer/Editor Judy Morrissey and host Pamela Fish continue their exploration of the Zenith City’s fascinating lost history.

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Historical Examples from the Documentary

Interstate Bridge Opens

Interstate Bridge Newspaper Story

This is one of many newspaper stories that ran across the country on the opening of the Interstate Bridge on July 13, 1897. The bridge was the first pedestrian and street car connection between the two cities. Prior to its opening, commuters had to take a ferry boat between the two cities, or venture across the precarious ice surface during the winter months. Click photo to see larger version.

Ice Bridge

Ice Bridge

Before the Interstate Bridge was built, the Duluth Street Railway built this winter bridge across the frozen ice of the harbor to the city of Superior. The pilings of the bridge were constructed on top of the frozen ice! Records indicate this bridge was only used for one season. Click photo to see larger version.

Interstate Bridge

Interstate Bridge

The opening of the Interstate Bridge on July 13, 1897, dramatically changed transportation between Duluth and Superior. The bridge remained a primary link between the two cities until 1961, when the Blatnick Bridge opened. Click photo to see larger version.

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