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Bea Ojakangas

A region’s heritage is not found only in its history, art, and music, but can also be defined by its essential cuisine. The flavors of our region reflect the food of immigrants from Finland, Italy, Sweden, and Norway, as well as the new dishes that were created in this fusion of cultures. Before Bea Ojakangas there was not a cookbook in the United States which concentrated on Finnish food, so prevalent here in northern Minnesota. Having authored The Finnish Cookbook, now in its 38th printing and an additional 28 cookbooks and counting, Bea has baked with Julia Child and Martha Stewart, won the Pillsbury Bakeoff, and is a member of the James Beard Cookbook Hall of Fame. Bea Ojakangas shares the story of her life and her unbeatable recipes in a six-part cooking series titled Welcome to my Kitchen.

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Beatrice “Peaches” Luoma was born and raised on a farm in scenic Floodwood, Minnesota the first in a family of 10 children. Her interest in cooking took root as she developed winning 4-H demonstrations in school. Bea graduated from Floodwood High School and went on to earn a degree in Home Economics from the University of Minnesota, Duluth. She married her college sweetheart Richard Ojakangas. In their travels together Bea became a Pillsbury Bakeoff winner and got her dream job writing for Sunset Magazine which launched a stellar career in food.

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A prolific and award-winning cookbook author, food writer, columnist, restaurant owner, and food product developer who balanced her career with her life as a loving wife, mother, and grandmother, Bea has spent decades learning about food and sharing her knowledge with others. It’s given her a certain perspective on cooking rooted in the flavors, traditions, and rhythms of life in the north and a passion for sharing what she knows. On Welcome to my Kitchen Bea serves up wonderful recipes along with great kitchen tips and life lessons…

Bea Ojakangas Videos:

Episode one: Delicious Cheese Dishes

Bea teaches you to reliably create a light as air cheese soufflé, a bubbly made from scratch oven-baked farmer’s cheese, and hearty dark bread with cheese baked right in the dough. Get the recipes.

Episode two: Delicacies from Finland

Bea takes you on a delicious culinary tour of Finland crafting a fragrant braided cardamom coffee bread called Pulla, a creamy rice-filled rye pastry called Piirakka, and Paisti a savory hot pot dish from Karelia. Get the recipes.

Episode three: A Memorable Meal for Two

Bea creates a gourmet dinner for two featuring a perfectly proportioned standing rib roast with a simple salad, gigantic popovers and a very Scandinavian dessert. Get the recipes.

Episode four: Master the Classics

Master the classics Bea Ojakangas style with perfectly roasted chicken two ways, paired with a garden variety of oven roasted vegetables, topped with creamy garlic aioli sauce and served with a crisp French Bread from scratch. Get the recipes.

Episode five: Perfected Danish Pastry

Learn to make moist flaky Danish pastry that is anything but traditional, filled with jewel-tone fruit preserves and Scandinavian almond filling. Get the recipes.

Episode six: Soups and Breads

It’s a feast for the senses as Bea teaches you to create elegant homemade soups paired perfectly with creative breads. Get the recipes.

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