Season 5 Episode 5

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Video Summary

Where can you go with a master's degree in anthropology? Duluth-born Joan Farnam has made a career in arts journalism, writing and circulating her NorthShore ArtScene blog online and in print in Northern Wilds. Joan says her dual life in ceramics continues to evoke occasional 'wow, I made this' moments. She also serves as the Clay Studio Facilitator at the Grand Marais Art Colony. Join Joan as her warm laugh brings levity and cheer to her pottery, including her signature rattle cups.

Bob Monahan was a little "mystified" himself in May of 2012 when he registered the name 'Chaperone' and became the head of this Duluth based record label. Bob brings a personal touch to the music he and the rest at Chaperone bring to the Minnesota Music scene with their commitment to local artists and limited run vinyl pressings. Bob talks everything Chaperone; including the label's artists, what a record label does, and so much more on this episode of The PlayList.

Toby Thomas Churchill provides "smart, high quality" music. Previously of The Alrights, and currently solo, his 2011 release, Death, couples haunting melodies with thought provoking lyrics. The PlayList features this "alternative, post-ironic, funeral pop" artist and the music that has made him an annual standout at the Homegrown Music Festival. Hear samples from Toby's live set at The Underground and discover a new direction for this accomplished musician.

Public art connects the city of Virginia to its roots in the lumber industry. We journey to Rotary Park in Virginia, Minnesota with president of the Lyric Center for the Arts, Mary McReynolds, for a look at 'The Sawyer.'

Funding for this program is provided by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. Click here for more information or visit the Minnesota Legacy website.

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