Season 3 Episode 3

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Video Summary

Inspired by simple yet strong art forms found along Lake Superior, Lee and Dan Ross have been creating masterpieces for more than 30 years. Whether granite or clay, contemporary or ancient; Lee and Dan shape the materials of time into powerful, elegant sculptures. Their latest work touches families in the healing garden at the Minneapolis Children's Hospital. Lee and Dan live in their home-turned-studio in Hovland, overlooking Lake Superior.

Innovation and contemporary culture add fresh pop to the theater schedule at the Duluth Playhouse. The current season includes a Children's Theatre rendition of "Sleepy Hollow," a crime thriller called "Equus" at the Playground and a theatrical screening of "Rocky Horror Picture Show." As one of the nation’s oldest theatres, the Duluth Playhouse continues to highlight local and professional artists; and inspires audiences throughout the region.

Enjoy the best in contemporary chamber music with The Gichigami Trio. Formed in 2006, the trio quickly established itself as a premier classical-contemporary music group. Violinist Laurie Bastian, cellist Josh Aerie, and pianist Sam Black organize their talents collectively to create a rich and compelling sound, bound to please your ear. All three members live in Duluth and are established teachers and solo recitalists. Tonight they perform live, for The PlayList audience!

Funding for this program is provided by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. Click here for more information or visit the Minnesota Legacy website.

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