Season 3 Episode 20

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Video Summary

Built on the strengths of Rochelle Luoma’s vocals and Nate Mattson’s guitar, James & Younger brings honesty and intensity to their songs. Talented songster Luoma and guitarist Mattson began collaborating in 2008, writing and recording songs. Bassist Ethan Thompson has since joined the band; Jeramie Olsen lends his skills on the drums; and keyboardist George Elsworth unites the group. James & Younger now perform throughout the Duluth area.

James and Younger combine easy listening of soul music, excitement of rock, and melodies of R&B music to create their one of a kind sound. Fresh off their latest show at Beaner’s Central in Duluth, on February 11, the band brings their musical talent to The Playlist. Look to the band’s website for new releases and local event dates or check out the James & Younger Facebook page for the band’s latest updates.

Jen-Ann’s clothing designs favor clean lines and a strong sense of architecture. As a force behind Duluth’s Fashion Forward Collective, she’s working on creating pieces for a public showing with a handful of local designers. Jen-Ann plays with a mix of various textures and smart, unique details to build fun, yet functional, fashion for people who want to make a statement all their own. Visit her home studio with The PlayList for a preview of the Fashion Forward Collective show at Clyde Iron in Duluth, March 25.

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