Sarah Brokke

Sarah Brokke is the resident artist-instructor at the Duluth Art Institute, summer of 2010. Her portraits capture the spirit of her subject and something of Sarah's too. In this profile on The PlayList, Sarah explains her approach to portraiture and painting.

Artist Biography

  • She is a painter who balances her time between portraits and abstract pieces.
  • She lives in Duluth with her family and teaches Modern Art History at The College of St. Scholastica and Drawing & Painting ad the Duluth Art Institute.
  • Born in Grand Forks, ND.
  • She holds a Master’s degree in Fine Art from Bowling Green State University & spent her under graduate years at the University of Minnesota Duluth studying painting and dance—a twin focus that led her to explore the human form and movement.
  • Her studies outside the U.S. help inform her world view and understanding of subject and art history. Foreigh studies include Studio Art Centers International in Florence, Italy, an Art History Intensive in Paris, France, and a Study in England at the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.
  • She is inspired by human form and movement, social justice issues and the power of art.
  • Materials: mainly oils on canvas.
  • To learn more about Sarah Brokke and her work, visit her website:

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