Mary Plaster: Mixed Media Masks

Duluth mixed media artist Mary Plaster creates paper mache masks with meaning. Her "Paper Gods" exhibit includes samples of her work from theater, parades and festival projects.

Artist Biography

  • She creates spiritual paintings, masks, and large puppets. Her masks and puppets have toured to several festivals and conferences around the Midwest and Pacific Coast.
  • She lives near Spirit Mountain in Duluth, MN with her family.
  • She has a Masters degree in art from the University of Wisconsin Superior and a Doctorate in Ministry from Wisdom University in San Francisco.
  • She has a knowledge of and likes to work with "cheap, Earth-friendly art." This inspiration came from living south of the border for three years, working with creative recycling and papier-mâché experts of central Mexico and observing Dias de los Muertos (Days of the Dead) rituals in the mid-1980's.
  • Her knowledge of Dias de los Muertos and her experience in Mexico led her to be the founder and artistic director of Duluth's annual All Souls Night celebrations in the downtown Depot. It is during this festivity where you can see some of her large, intricate masks and puppets that the depict the Mexican holiday.
  • Recently she created masks and life-size puppets of gods and creatures for the University of Minnesota Duluth's spring 2011 musical theatre adaptation of The Odyssey.
  • To learn more about Mary Plaster and her work visit her website at

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