PlayList Legacy Funding Survey

In our ongoing commitment to offer Minnesotans a return on their investment in The PlayList, through the MN Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund, we are asking for your feedback. Please take a moment to complete the attached survey. If you have any additional comments or suggestions about future artists and bands we should feature, please send them along.

Your Information

Which of these most accurately describe(s) you?


Have you had an increased interest or awareness of regional art, culture or history after watching The PlayList or a Legacy-funded television broadcast or online?


Have you contacted an artist or historian because they were featured on The PlayList?


Have you made a purchase or attended a performance, museum or gallery because you were inspired by The PlayList or a Legacy-funded television broadcast or online program?


If you have attended a PlayList event or in-studio taping, have you expanded your awareness or viewing of local productions on WDSE/PBS North?


If you are a parent, have you enrolled your child in a music, dance or art class, or taken your child to see a work of art or performance because you were inspired by The PlayList or a Legacy-funded television or online program?


If you are an educator, have you utilized The PlayList lesson plan(s) and/or shared content or a Legacy-funded program with a student?


If you are an Artist or Participant who has been featured on The PlayList have you sold any work, been asked/hired to perform or received a grant as a result of having appeared?


What impact has Legacy-funded television or online content had on you or your family?


Why do you believe The PlayList, WDSE-WRPT’s arts-based programming is important?


If you are an Educator, how have you used The PlayList’s lesson plans or PBS content in your classroom?

Funding for this program is provided by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. Click here for more information or visit the Minnesota Legacy website.

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