B is for Bars 2 Featured Guests


Iron River/Delta- Eileen Freiburger
Eileen’s satisfying bars turn into a soft caramel mouthful of goodness!

Stone Lake: Janet Rowney
Bite size squares of Janet’s Espresso Caramel Bars pack in everything you could ever want - creamy caramel and smooth chocolate with a espresso perk!

Lake Nebagamon - Lena McGee
This combination of sweet and tart hits the mark with Lena’s easy to follow recipe, Cranberry White Chocolate Coconut Bars.

South Range - Marge Lange
Marge’s sweet and salty nut bars delight crowds of guests in less than 30 minutes!

Superior - Brita Edgerton
Brita’s most-requested recipe is perfect for holiday gatherings. Pumpkin Bars are quick, scrumptious, and satisfy a house full of guests.


Duluth - Jeanne Behling
Need we say more? Jeanne’s Easy Cheesy Lemon Bars are a breeze to whip up and a true crowd pleaser.

Duluth - Mary Kay Beraducci
You might need to hide these away in order to save some for your guests, Mary Kay’s Freezer Bars hit the spot with their chocolate brownie based marshmallow medley.

Duluth - Rita Bergstedt
This sophisticated dessert is anchored by pecans and blanketed in dark chocolate ganache. Rita’s Chocolate Truffle Bars with Pecan Crust is a lush balance of chocolate goodness.

Duluth- Becky Sheehan
Easy to whip up and a family favorite, Becky’s German Chocolate Caramel Bars put a BlitzKrieg on the bar tray and your tastebuds.

Duluth - Paula Veatch
Paula’s pillowy Icebox Dessert floats chocolate studded cream over a scrumptious graham cracker crust.

Kerrick- Karin Meyer
Topped with toasted coconut, Karin’s Hawaiian Pineapple Bars are a fresh way to say Aloha!

Cloquet - Hillary Hedin
The name says it all! Hilary’s Yummy Bars are addictively delicious!

Toivola - LInda Saralampi
They melt in your mouth! Linda’s M & M topped cheesecake brownies merge your favorite desserts in one irresistible bar.

Virginia - Corrine Boyer
Colorful and cheery, Corrine’s buttery Cherry Bars add a splash of color to any bar tray.

Ely - Pat Koski
Almond lovers take note! Pat’s mouth-watering Almond Bars blend nostalgia and delectableness into one beautiful blonde bar.

Ault Township/Brimson - Janice Kmetz
Janice’s traditional English Toffee Squares have a history of being a hit.

Two Harbors - Allison Olson
Homemade caramel layered inside made-from-scratch brownies couldn’t get better...wait they can! Sprinkle with salt and you have Allison’s irresistible Salted Caramel Brownies

Grand Marais - Erin Larson
Erin's stratified Namina Bars are as beautiful as they are delicious. Well balanced with nuts to chocolate, these luscious layers melt in your mouth.