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Almanac North - With Julie Zenner & Dennis Anderson

Almanac North - Oct 25, 2013

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Video Summary

Topics: “Duluth Public School Levy Debate” & “Alworth Scholarship Fund”

Description: Dueling citizens groups are at odds over the Duluth School district’s levy referendum. Representatives of the “Stand up for Kids” and “Vote No, No,” committee join us for a debate of the issue.

And it’s the time of year when high school seniors should be looking for college scholarships. The Alworth Memorial fund has been providing scholarships to students for 65 years.

Guests: John Schwetman, “Stand Up For Kids”; Paul King, “Vote No, No” committee; Patty Salo Downs, Alworth Memorial Fund; Pat Altrichter, Alworth Fund Board of Directors; Ryan Telander, Alworth Recipient/UMD Senior

Funding for this program is provided by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. Click here for more information or visit the Minnesota Legacy website.

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