Almanac North - Mar 30, 2018

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Video Summary

Topics: “Regional Economic Indicators Forum” & “Natives Against Heroin” & “Voices of Vietnam – Paul Helbach”

Description: The bi-annual “Regional Economic Indicators Forum” is set for next week to reveal the trends in the northeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin business community.

Groups have organized locally to stop the spread of the heroin and opioid epidemic in native populations.

And it’s the return of our “Voices of Vietnam” profiles of local veterans.

Guests: Bruce Thompson, National Bank of Commerce; Monica Haynes, UMD Bureau of Business & Economic Research; Shawn Carr, Natives Against Heroin Duluth; Derrick Laquier, Natives Against Heroin Duluth; Ashley Diver, Natives Against Heroin Fond du Lac

Funding for this program is provided by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. Click here for more information or visit the Minnesota Legacy website.

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