Album Season 6

Album #601

A Path in Time: Highway 61

As Highway 61 snakes along Lake Superior's scenic North Shore, travelers can enjoy the rugged beauty of the region. It's hard to imagine a time when no road connected the communities of the North Shore to the Twin Ports. Families came to depend on their boats, and their wits to survive in isolation. On the next edition of ALBUM, host Juli Kellner tells the tale of the building of Highway 61 from Duluth to the “Outlaw Bridge.” It's a story of fishermen, bootleggers, loggers, dreamers, and a murder.

Album #602

Under the Big Top

Every summer, thousands of people from around the upper Midwest gather under a big blue tent in Bayfield, Wisconsin to be informed and entertained. They come to be part of Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua, where homegrown talent and musicians with a national reputation are proud to perform. This week on ALBUM, Jim Neumann tells the story of Big Top Chautauqua, from raising the tent and Riding the Wind to Old Last Night with Arlo Guthrie.

Album #603

Jackpine Bob

Bob Cary has kept his eye on Ely's two and four legged creatures for years. As long time editor of the Ely Echo, he's spent years commenting on the comings and goings of the people, places, and things that make this small Minnesota town unique. On this edition of ALBUM commentator, writer, and avid outdoorsman, “Jackpine Bob” speaks his peace.

Album #604

Sacred and Mysterious: The Grand Mound

It is a sacred place this Grand Mound. Located on the Rainy River, the Grand Mound rises a majestic 25 feet above the riverbanks. It is the largest of five burial mounds on the same site. We know it is the final resting place of hundreds of men, women, and children. It stands as a lasting monument to a culture, which dates back thousands of years. Who were these people, these first “mound builders?” What do we know about their culture and belief system? Find out this week on ALBUM with Juli Kellner.

Album #605

Two Harbors to Tower: A Railroad Through the Wilderness

The Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range Railway has become one of the most successful short-line railroads in the United States. But, the foundation for that success was built in the rough and tumble nineteenth century, when Philadelphia lawyers and immigrant laborers combined forces to construct the first rail line to connect the iron mines of northern Minnesota with Lake Superior. This week on ALBUM, Jim Neumann tells the story of the founding of the Duluth and Iron Range Railroad. Tune in again next week for part two of the epic DM&IR story.

Album #606

We Needed a Railroad - DM&IR Part 2

In the second of a two-part special on the history of the Duluth, Missabe, and Iron Range Railway, we'll trace the meteoric rise and fall of the “Seven Iron Men.” The legendary Merritt brothers helped to open up the Iron Range, but their devotion to their hometown cost them a railroad, and an empire. We'll also travel with prospectors and preachers along the notorious Mesabi Trail, and we'll watch as the Iron Range begins to transform itself from a collection of mining camps, to a series of proud communities. This week on ALBUM Jim Neumann tells the story of the founding of the DM&IR.

Album #607

Polka: Music of the People

Polka music may have come from the old country, but as it was played in immigrant dance halls, the music began to change. Polka became a common language on the dance floor, a melting pot of Hambo, of the Mazurka, and many other ethnic dance styles. On this very special edition of ALBUM host Juli Kellner takes you to the ultimate dance hall, the International Polkafest at Ironworld USA, where we'll enjoy a bit of history, and a lot of music. Tune in for Frank Yankovic, Chmielewski Funtime Band, Father Perkovich's Polka Mass and much more!

Album #608

Life on the Finnish Homestead

A little sisu, a lot of luck, and help from good neighbors got Finnish immigrants through their first years in a new country. Cold winter days on the farm, mojakka cooking on the stove, the first day in a new school, struggling with the English language, getting groceries at the co-op…all of these are memories precious to those who lived the homesteading days. Join ALBUM host Juli Kellner as she shares the memories of life on the Finnish homestead.

Album #609

Stonehouse on Shipwrecks

Lake Superior still has its mysteries. Stories of storms, of shipwrecks, of ships still lost on Superior. There are ghost stories, too. Some have claimed to see the lights of the Fitzgerald at night. Join ALBUM host Juli Kellner as she interviews eminent shipwreck historian and author Frederick Stonehouse.

Album #610

Howard's Tales of the Old North Shore

There's a cow in the rowboat, and the moose is chewing snoose. There are shipwrecks and storms, amazing rescues and heartbreaking tragedies. Artist and author Howard Sivertson shares tales of the old North Shore in his latest book. Join host Juli Kellner as she talks with Howard about his art, his writing, and his love for this region of Lake Superior.

Album #611

The Ski Flyers: A Jumping Tradition

Duluth has a long, proud tradition of ski jumping. For decades champion jumpers have practiced their skills at Chester Bowl. World champions, National champions, and Olympian ski jumpers have taken their first ride off a jump in Duluth. Join host Juli Kellner as she interviews ski jumping greats of the past, and glimpses at what the future may hold for this sport in our region.

Album #612

They Came From Sweden

The visit of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden marked the high point in a year of festivities in honor of the Swedish Immigration Jubilee in Minnesota. Tracing the Swedish thread of Minnesota's ethnic fabric to its beginnings, one is moved by the stories and images of Swedish immigrants and their families who struggled boldly for a new life. We'll consider why they left, why they came to Minnesota and what they did here. We'll also explore the diverse ways their descendants honor this journey, from treasured keepsakes to Sister-city exchanges, on this week's Album hosted by Lorraine Norrgard.