Album Season 5

Album #501

Life and the Land: Old Time Farming

In the early days, farming was hard, dangerous, backbreaking work. Yet it was the life many immigrants came to America dreaming about. Here they could homestead land, clear it, and build a home for their children and children's children. At least that was the dream. Reality proved quite different. While this way of life flourished in our region for many years, the soils and climate conspired with other factors to make later generations leave the farm in search of other methods of making a living. Join ALBUM host Juli Kellner for a historical view of farming.

Album #502

Strike up the Band: Iron Range City Bands

After a long day in the mine, working in the garden, or boarding house... miners and their families came to look forward to the weekly performances of their city bands. For a few hours they could gather in a park, or auditorium, sit back and enjoy the music. The bands played everything from marches and classical, to polka and popular tunes. Today this strong musical tradition continues in many Iron Range communities. Join ALBUM host Juli Kellner for a musical history of Iron Range city bands.

Album #503

North Hibbing: A Living Legacy

Imagine a hometown with no homes, no schools, and no streets. People who grew up in North Hibbing don't have to pretend. In the early days of the mining boom, North Hibbing was a vibrant and growing village, but when iron ore was discovered under its streets, North Hibbing was destined to disappear. This week ALBUM revisits the old village, looking for the people and places that give it life.

Album #504

A Fair of the Heart

For over a century, fairs have captured the heart and soul of agricultural (and not so agricultural) communities in our region. From midway rides, to prize winning raspberry jelly, it seems everyone has their favorite thing to see or do at the fair. If you missed it this year, don't worry, ALBUM host Juli Kellner visited county fairs across the region, and followed some of the more ambitious local winners to the Minnesota State Fair.

Album #505

The Duet of a Lifetime: Viola Turpeinen and William Syrjala

Many of our viewers remember the accordionist Viola Turpeinen and her equally musical husband William Syrjala. For decades their performances packed local dance halls. Viola's music made people want to dance, and her magnetic on-stage personality kept audiences enthralled. On this very special edition of ALBUM, host Juli Kellner salutes these soul mates, and the beautiful music they made together.

Album #506

Smoldering Memories: The Hinckley Fire Centennial

Tragedy and courage blend in the story of the Great Hinckley Fire. The blaze killed more than 400 people, and consumed five communities in less than four hours! On the centennial of this historic event, ALBUM producer Karen Sunderman revisits the cities of Hinckley, Sandstone, Brook Park, Mission Creek, and Askov. Meet the descendants of fire survivors and hear their stories of horror and strength. The drama that unfolded September 1st, 1894 comes alive in this ALBUM presentation.

Album #507

A Match Made of Steel: The West Duluth Centennial

When West Duluth was founded in 1855 untamed forests reached the shores of Lake Superior. Through land booms and market busts, the city developed character and pride along with its manufacturing plants and steel mill. In 1894, West Duluth officially "married" the city of Duluth, but its civic identity remained intact. This week ALBUM host Karen Sunderman explores the colorful history of West Duluth.

Album #508

The Orchards of Bayfield

If you've ever enjoyed a crisp, delicious McIntosh, or bitten into a sweet Cortland, chances are that you've heard of the orchards of Bayfield, Wisconsin. Retired lumberman and banker, William Knight, was the first to grow apples on a large scale in the area. Beginning in 1905, he planted 20 acres of trees a year. By 1912, 165 acres had become Knight Orchards. Some of these trees still live, tended by newer growers. On this edition of ALBUM we'll introduce you to the growers of today, as well as yesterday.

Album #509

Woodland Hills: Sanctuary

It was once known as St. James Home, a Catholic orphanage. Eighty years later, it's Woodland Hills, still focused on children, but in a different way. Now it is a juvenile residential center offering prevention, intervention, and treatment programs to troubled youths and their families.
On this edition of ALBUM we'll talk to people who spent time at St. James, and to children who are currently finding sanctuary at Woodland Hills.

Album #510

Minnesota Ballet: Magic and Motion

The Minnesota Ballet, known for many years as the Duluth Ballet, has a new name and a new look. However one thing remains the same, the ballet still personifies grace, strength, and magic. On this edition of ALBUM, host Juli Kellner traces the history of this artistic organization, and looks into a bright future as the Minnesota Ballet, true to its name, takes the show on the road all over the state.

Album #511

125 Years in the News: Duluth News-Tribune

The first issue of the Duluth Minnesotian was published on April 24, 1869. At the time Duluth was little more than a shantytown; it would have to wait nearly a year to receive its city charter from the state legislature. Over the next 125 years the newspaper would withstand mergers and sales...and keep on reporting the disasters, deaths, births, and marriages of the city and region which it still serves today. On this edition of ALBUM, host Juli Kellner will look back at the history of the newspaper, and into its future.

Album #512

Duluth Architecture: Mansions of the Millionaires

Duluth has had its share of financial ups and downs. However, there was a time when the city could boast of a substantial population of millionaires. On this edition of ALBUM, host Juli Kellner will show you the grand homes they lived in...and the architectural styles, which appealed to their tastes.