Album Season 3

Album #301

Reading, 'Riting, & 'Rithmatic

Like cowboys and boomtowns, pioneers and covered wagons, the one room school is part of our American heritage. For decades, it was also the mainstay of our country's educational system. To this day, one-room schools still exist in America, and in our region. Tonight on ALBUM host Juli Kellner celebrates the one room school, with the pictures and stories of students and teachers.

Album #302

The Duluth Boat Club: An Early Splash

The modern day Duluth Rowing Club goes about its business with little fanfare, but its beginnings were far from humble. Launched in the 1880's it was first called the Duluth Boat Club, and its exclusive membership included only the cream of local society. The organization went on to produce some of the finest oarsmen this country has ever seen, setting world records that still stand today. This week on ALBUM join Julie Zenner as we relive a legacy that put Duluth in the national spotlight.

Album #303

Once Upon An Isle

Howard Sivertson spent much of his youth on Isle Royale, working as a commercial fisherman in his family's business. What was once a way of life for Howard, has now become the inspiration for his paintings. Forty of them, representing eight years of work, and three generations of commercial fishing families on Isle Royale, have been compiled in a book called "Once Upon An Isle". Tonight on ALBUM with Juli Kellner meet the artist turned author, and glimpse into a now extinct way of life.

Album #304

From Whisper To Roar: The Lake Superior Zoological Gardens

When you walk through the Lake Superior Zoological Gardens today, it's hard to imagine it opened in 1923 with just one tiny occupant, an orphaned fawn found by a Duluth painter. The zoo quickly grew from mismatched fencing and rugged outbuildings, to include state of the art cages and dens. This week on ALBUM Julie Zenner will introduce you to some of the people and animals that have made one man's dream a reality.

Album #305

They Took My Father

On a beautiful April day in 1934, ten-year-old Mayme Corgan of Superior, Wisconsin waved goodbye to America from the deck of a passenger ship. Her family was going to the Soviet Union to help build a worker's paradise. They weren't alone. Thousands of other American's, many Midwestern Finns, had gone before them. What they found was not a paradise. One night, two men came to the Corgan house and took Mayme's father, changing her life forever. Mayme tells her story tonight on ALBUM with Juli Kellner.

Album #306

Finntown/Oldtown: The Early Days, Today, Tomorrow

There is a neighborhood in Virginia Minnesota that's known as Finntown. During its heyday, it was a bustling place with Finnish businesses, churches, and halls. Although you could hear roughly 30 different languages spoken within the six-block territory, the residents were predominantly Finnish. Album host Juli Kellner will compare the Finntown of a hundred years the one of today and take a look at efforts to preserve this oldest area of Virginia.

Album #307

Gunflint Lady Part I

When Justine Kerfoot came to the Gunflint wilderness from Illinois in 1928, she was the greenest of greenhorns. Justine was a Northwestern University graduate student headed for medical school, until her family lost their money and home in the stock market crash. They moved to the Gunflint, where her mother had a fledgling summer resort. In the ensuing 60-plus years of owning the Gunflint Lodge, Justine became an accomplished guide, befriended local Native Americans, learned how to work a dogsled, and used her wits to survive the great depression. She has also managed to become an accomplished author. Join ALBUM host Juli Kellner as she talks to Justine about her life and her philosophy on living. (Part 1 of 2)

Album #308

Gunflint Lady Part II

In more than the 60-plus years of owning the Gunflint Lodge, Justine Kerfoot has became an accomplished guide, befriended local Native Americans, learned how to work a dogsled, and used her wits to survive the great depression. ALBUM host Juli Kellner continues her conversation with the "Gunflint Lady."

Album #309

Minnesota State Parks: Four of our Finest

From the moment Jacob Brower first determined the mighty Mississippi's source, he knew the Itasca Basin had to be preserved. In 1891, it was set aside as Minnesota's first state park. This week on Album, join Julie Zenner as we wade through the headwaters' history. We'll also visit Jay Cooke, Gooseberry Falls, and the Split Rock Lighthouse; three other areas preserving the state park tradition in northern Minnesota.

Album #310

Isle Royale, Voyageurs, and the Apostles: Our Own National Treasures

You don't have to travel across the country to appreciate our national parks. Several of these American treasures are buried right in our own backyard. This week on Album, join Julie Zenner as we visit an old gold mining town in Voyageurs National Park, climb an Isle Royale lighthouse, and explore a maze of caves in the Apostle Islands. These three parks contain a wealth of natural beauty and history that has become part of our national heritage.

Album #311

Set Sail for Russia

It was an historic moment back in 1989 when four Duluth yacht racers set sail in the Lake Onega Regatta. A lot of things have changed since then, but the friendships formed between the yacht racers remain. Join ALBUM host Juli Kellner as she talks to a Duluth yacht racer who is participating in what has become an exciting, continuing exchange program with the Russians.

Album #312

Russians Set Sail in America

A historic exchange between the Duluth and Petrozavodsk Yacht Clubs continued this summer with a group from Russia competing in Bayfield Race Week. In this contest of speed and skill, the yacht racers from both countries had a chance to learn from one another. Join host Juli Kellner as we set sail in the beautiful waters around the Apostle Islands.

Album #313

The Congdons of Glensheen

Chester and Clara Congdon came to Minnesota like so many other young people, eager to find opportunity. They were a hard working, educated couple, and met with success in the frontier country. Mr. Congdon first came to be known for his work as an attorney, then he made a fortune in mining. Their story will be told by host Juli Kellner as we look at the life and times of Chester, Clara, their seven children, and the building of their home, Glensheen.

Album #314

Glensheen after the Congdons

Chester A. Congdon intended Glensheen to remain a family home as long as his descendents chose to live there. In the spirit of Chester's public service, the Congdon trustees felt it would best serve the community to make the historic structure accessible to more people. After the death of the Congdon's youngest daughter, Elisabeth, the home became part of UMD. The University has restored the grand home to turn of the century splendor, and preserved the spirit of the family that lived there. Now Glensheen is beloved by Duluthian and tourist alike, and with good reason. Join host Juli Kellner as we explore Glensheen.

Album #315

Flagship of the Fleet

In the spring of 1986, a new museum floated into the Twin Ports...the William A. Irvin. This magnificent vessel sailed the Great Lakes for 40 years carrying iron ore and V.I.P. guests for United States Steel. Her rich accommodations, including walnut paneled staterooms and oak dining room, earned her the title of "pride of the silver stackers." This week on ALBUM, Julie Zenner talks with men who sailed aboard the Irvin during her heyday and with those whose foresight helped preserve this piece of history.

Album #316

If You Believe... the Triumphs of Veda Ponikvar

Remember the movie "Field of Dreams", and that famous line "If you build it, he will come"? The film features Chisholm, Minnesota's beloved Dr. "Moonlight" Graham, and the writing of Veda Ponikvar. It's just one event in the fascinating life of this extraordinary woman, who is Editor-In-Chief of the Free Press-Tribune Press in Chisholm. On this edition of ALBUM, host Juli Kellner speaks with Veda about her life, her career, her commitment to the community, and the day two men came

Album #317

Northern Minnesota's Power Lakes

There are five lakes just outside of Duluth which offer some of the region's finest year-round recreational opportunities; fishing, boating, water-skiing, and snowmobiling to name a few. But a century ago, Island, Fish, Boulder, Wild Rice, and White Face Lakes didn't exist. They were created to help generate hydroelectric power on the Saint Louis River. This week on ALBUM, we'll explore the technology behind the reservoir lakes. Julie Zenner will talk with people who remember the region as it was and with some longtime residents who still live in the lake region.

Album #318

A Gem of a Company... Diamond Brands

It started with matches. Stick matches to be precise, back before the turn of the century. Diamond Brands of Cloquet has since survived the Great Fire of 1918, the Great Depression, and corporate reorganization... only to grow into a stronger, better, more diverse company. How did they do it, and what challenges do company leaders foresee in the future? On the next edition of ALBUM, host Juli Kellner focuses on Diamond Brands, the company's history, its status as the sole producer of stick matches in the U.S., and its role in the community and region.

Album #319

Lake Superior/Baikal Connect

Last summer a group of American and Russian kayakers traveled completely around Lake Superior. It was actually the second half of a two-year voyage which first took the expedition around Russia's Lake Baikal. Their trip was one of friendship, hardship, and challenge. Travel with ALBUM host Juli Kellner as we meet the people behind this history- making expedition and share their voyage.

Album #320

Taking Shape: The Duluth Area Family YMCA

When you look at the modern, high-tech, family fitness center the YMCA occupies in Duluth today, it's hard to envision its humble origins. This week on ALBUM, we'll explore how this organization grew from a tiny bible study group for young Christian men, into an all-inclusive vehicle for strengthening minds, bodies, and spirits. Julie Zenner talks with some of the many people whose lives have been shaped by the "Y". Share their memories of the boys' department, fun-filled weeks at Camp Miller, the YMCA's near demise in Duluth, and the dramatic changes when women and girls were first invited in as members.

Album #321

Cheng-Khee Chee: Artist at Work

Thousands of people have seen his illustrations in the highly acclaimed book "Old Turtle" published in 1992. However Cheng-Khee Chee became a noted and award-winning artist long before the book. In the first of a two-part ALBUM presentation, host Juli Kellner will talk with Chee about his art, his illustration of "Old Turtle," and the journey, which brought him to Duluth.

Album #322

Cheng-Khee Chee: Artist at Work Part II

Host Juli Kellner continues her discussion with acclaimed artist Cheng-Khee Chee, whose graceful watercolors depict a myriad of scenes, including Duluth, Lake Superior, and images from his childhood in Fujian, China.

Album #323

Environment 101: A Lesson on Northland College

Less than 10-thousand students have graduated from Ashland's Northland College in its 101 years...but the tiny school has won big praise for its curriculum. Northland opened in 1892, holding classes in a local bank, while its academy building was still under construction. It served the children of miners, loggers, and fishermen. That connection to the earth and its resources has continued through the years. Today, Northland is billed as a liberal arts and environmental college, with each class tailored to fit its Earth-friendly philosophy. This week on "Album", Julie Zenner looks at the people, events, and attitudes, which have helped Northland grow.

Album #324

Always for the Children: Northwood Children's Home

The organization currently known as the Northwood Children's Home actually dates back to 1883. Back then it was called the Lady's Relief Society, and provided help for young pioneer women with infants. In 1887, its name was changed to the Duluth Home Society, but its mission remained basically the same, to help children and their families. Hundreds of children stayed at the organization's orphanage, many were treated at the children's hospital. Its name has changed a couple of times since then, but as always, Duluth's oldest charity is for the children. Join host Juli Kellner for a heart-warming story about this wonderful organization.

Album #325

Voyage of Mercy: Rotarians in Peru Part I

A few months ago a group of Duluth Rotarians embarked on a voyage of mercy. They built a clinic in an impoverished community in tropical Peru. It was a huge undertaking, and quite an adventure. Their heroic efforts are chronicled in this edition of ALBUM, hosted by Juli Kellner. Part 1 of 2.

Album #326

Voyage of Mercy: Rotarians in Peru Part II

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