Join Us for Colors of the Rainbow

Colors of the Rainbow is an online event celebrating the life and radio DJ career of Rainbow Trout, a volunteer DJ, and icon of WTIP, a community radio station based in Grand Marais, MN.

The question - Who Is Rainbow Trout? - is a familiar one to fans of Rainbow Trout’s classic country shows on WTIP. The passion, sacrifice, and desire to empower people can be heard in his voice, stories, and sounds. The feeling of home. A celebration of life. We document a journey around the mystery of this dynamic and fun volunteer DJ, with voices of well-known classic country artists singing classic tunes, and voices of fans from way past the boundaries of the airwaves. Rainbow, through WTIP, engaged and created a space for classic country in a way that has left a diverse range of people inspired - around Minnesota and beyond.

The online event will feature never-before-seen performances by local musicians, clips of the upcoming documentary film Who Is Rainbow Trout? and in-depth interviews with filmmakers. Following the celebration, attendees will get a chance to view the full documentary film prior to its broadcast premiere.

Join us Thursday, September 30 at 7pm on Facebook Live for this joyful celebration of local radio legend Rainbow Trout.

Broadcast Premiere

Tuesday, October 5 at 7pm on Explore