Working to Close the Opportunity Gap

Tune in Fridays starting April 13 at 8pm as we discuss those working to close the Opportunity Gap both locally as well as nationally. Every Friday on Almanac North we’ll welcome guests from area nonprofits who are working on this important issue. At 9pm watch Our Kids: Narrowing the Opportunity Gap, a four-part series that spotlights innovative leaders and children, working together in nine communities (including Duluth), who struggle to create and inspire solutions that help to narrow the widening opportunity gap between rich and poor for some 30 million young people denied access to the American Dream.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Almanac North at 8pm: Guest Holly Sampson from the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation. (Rebroadcast Sunday at 10:30am)

Our Kids: Narrowing The Opportunity Gap at 9pm: "Making A Difference" Riverside, CA & Manchester, NH The importance of mentors is illustrated in stories like that of a police detective starting a free judo school to “bait and switch” kids onto a better path. A revolutionary accelerated kindergarten program propels disadvantaged children by celebrating their smartness. Living in a homeless shelter designed around the needs of families, a little girl expresses her pride and determination in song.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Almanac North at 8pm: A member from the community and local nonprofit join us for this important conversation. (Rebroadcast Sunday at 10:30am)

Our Kids: Narrowing The Opportunity Gap at 9pm: "Four Cities Tackle The Child Equity Gap" Children living in fractured homes and poverty can’t achieve equally with children who are financially and emotionally secure. Underserved children need extra services to be competitive. Equal is not Equitable. We illustrate this point in Duluth, MN, Boston, MA, Springfield, MO, and Nashville, TN. A grade school offers wrap-around-services including free food, family meals, clothing, laundry, and medical services

Friday, April 26, 2019

Almanac North at 8pm: Guest Don Ness from the Ordean Foundation. (Rebroadcast Sunday at 10:30am)

Our Kids: Narrowing The Opportunity Gap at 9pm: "I'm Special" Detroit Educational Crisis. With deteriorating classroom conditions and the worst test scores in the nation, this alarming episode casts its eye on the current educational crisis in Detroit. In this cautionary tale, both public and unregulated charter schools suffer from high teacher turnover, a shortage of up-to-date textbooks, lack of funding and financial accountability. We visit with students, teachers, parents and educational leaders in their innovative attempts to improve conditions.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Our Kids: Narrowing The Opportunity Gap at 9pm: A Breath of Hope Seattle, WA & Columbus, OH

Giving hope to the hopeless dominates the stories in Seattle, WA and Columbus, OH. Among those spotlighted are: a program to reform the foster care system, and an organization reuniting children with parents who were incarcerated. Too many poor youth end up in the juvenile justice system. The Echo Glen facility hopes to heal, rather than punish young incarcerated teens.