On The Water Trail

On the Water Trail explores the water science of the St. Louis River Watershed. In a new six-
episode series featuring short five to eight-minute videos, meet the people who are working to improve the waterway after decades of dumping sewage and other legacy contamination.

Episode 1: Exploring the St. Louis River Mystery
Why is the estuary significant? When was it at its worst? How did we know it was in bad shape?

Episode 2: US Steel/Spirit Lake Remediation Efforts
Remediation: What does it mean? 3 common approaches to site remediation.

Episode 3: Western Lake Superior Sanitary District (WLSSD)
Human and industrial waste was a BIG factor in the early contamination of the Estuary before environmental laws existed.

Episode 4: Mercury Mystery
Mystery: Why can’t we eat the fish, and will it ever be safe?

Episode 5: Restoring Sturgeon to the Upper St. Louis River
Mystery: How will sturgeon survive another millennium in the St. Louis River?

Episode 6: Buried in the Bay
The logging boom in the early 1900s fueled the expansion of communities along the river and left bays filled with layers of debris from logging and sawmills.

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Support provided by the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District