WDSE•WRPT is on YouTubeTV!

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WDSE•WRPT is continuing to expand into the digital space, most recently by joining YouTubeTV. As viewers continue to ‘cut the cord’, YouTubeTV is a way that these same viewers can continue to watch WDSE•WRPT’s primary channel, PBS North all day, every day.


Q: What’s the difference between YouTube and YouTubeTV?

A: YouTube is a free website and app where you can watch videos that have been posted for free. All of WDSE•WRPT’s locally produced shows are posted on YouTube to view anytime for free.

YouTubeTV is a paid streaming service, which streams live TV from 70+ channels. PBS North is one of these channels. It’s similar to purchasing a cable or satellite package, only the channels come to your home over the internet instead of through cable or a satellite. More about YouTubeTV is here.

Q: So many apps! Is this related to the PBS Video app or Passport?

A: No. YouTubeTV is simply another way that you can watch our main channel, PBS North. The PBS Video App and pbs.org have hours of shows from PBS that have recently aired that are available to stream on-demand for free, as well as WDSE•WRPT’s local shows. Passport is a member benefit that unlocks hours of additional shows, entire seasons and complete series for members to watch. Select WDSE•WRPT documentaries are also available exclusively through Passport.