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Urgent: The Future of Your Public Television Station

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Federal Funding & Member Support

Recently the House passed H.R. 1 which eliminates federal funding for public television. While the vote was a disappointment to those of us who use and support public broadcasting, it is not the final decision on the matter.

The emergency bill passed to avoid a government shutdown leaves funding for public broadcasting in place – for now. The effort to eliminate public funding for public television remains a real threat, however, as the budget debate continues. Calls and emails to your Representative and Senators to share your opinion on funding for public television are more important now than ever as funding priorities are being set that will have impact this year and into the future.

To join the Protect My Public Media for Public Broadcasting visit:

To show your support by becoming a new or renewing member visit:

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

  1. How can I find out who represents me in Congress?

    You can look up who represents you on the WDSE • WRPT Community Advocates form or here:


    US House of Representatives

    Eighth District
    Chip Cravaack
    (202) 225-6211

    US Senators

    Senator Al Franken
    (202) 224-5641

    Senator Amy Klobuchar
    (202) 224-3244


    US House of Representatives

    District 7
    Representative Sean P. Duffy
    (202) 225-3365

    US Senators

    Senator Herb Kohl
    (202) 224-5653

    Senator Ron Johnson
    (202) 224-5323

  2. How did my Representative vote?

    The House passed a continuing resolution eliminating all federal funding for local public television and radio stations by a vote of 235-189. To view the roster of House Members' votes on the bill visit:

  3. How much does WDSE • WRPT get from CPB?

    It varies from year to year, but in general approximately $720,000 comes back to WDSE • WRPT to support our service to Minnesota and Wisconsin. Most of that funding, coupled with viewer contributions, supports our children’s programming & services and programs that you see on WDSE • WRPT: PBS NewsHour, Masterpiece, NOVA, Frontline, Almanac North, The PlayList, and Great Gardening. If funding is eliminated or deeply cut, it will irreparably harm not just WDSE • WRPT, but the entire public broadcasting system – the only truly local and independent media voice that serves over 170 million Americans each month.

  4. What is Protect My Public Media?

    The Association of Public Television Stations (APTS) has implemented a grassroots effort for fans of public broadcasting to have a voice in telling Congress what you think of proposed cuts. Join the effort at:

Mr. Rogers' and the power of Television

More than forty years later, Fred Rogers’ compelling words about the power of television to help children grow up, dealing sensibly and humanely with others even when they are feeling angry, still resonate in living rooms, school rooms, and neighborhoods nationwide.