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A Special Year-End Gift

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You turn to WDSE•WRPT because you’re passionate about the world around you, you care about what’s happening right here in our community, and you want your journey to be filled with the kind of fascination, wonder and creativity that only WDSE•WRPT can deliver.

With local programming offering expert medical advice and information on Doctors On Call and Speak Your Mind; music and events with The PlayList; our Nation’s traditions on Native Report; in-depth coverage of local news and business updates on Almanac North; expert information and advice on Great Gardening; our local representatives on Minnesota Legislative Report; and local documentaries, saving the stories of bygone days.

Please don’t let this year turn into the next before you’ve made your special contribution to assure that WDSE•WRPT has the resources to continue to serve you in 2014 and beyond.

WDSE•WRPT is founded on the belief that media can do more – that it can foster discovery, inspire empowerment, and build understanding in our increasingly diverse, complex, and ever-changing world.

As 2013 rapidly comes to a close, and we prepare for another year of important television that touches our hearts and minds, we ask you to make a special year-end contribution to WDSE•WRPT to sustain this valuable work.

Please make your special year-end gift now. Thank You!