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GOP & DFL Conventions

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Award-winning political journalists Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill will co-anchor gavel-to-gavel broadcast coverage from the PBS Skybox at both the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL and from the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC as well as the Bank of America Stadium.

Convention Schedule:

Note schedule change to GOP convention coverage below:

GOP: August 28 - 30 at 6pm on PBS North
DFL: September 4 - 6 at 6pm on PBS North

PBS special broadcast coverage will begin at 6pm each night of the conventions and continue LIVE until the conclusion of the proceedings at approximately 10pm. The coverage will be interspersed with analysis, interviews and commentary.

NewsHour Correspondent Hari Sreenivasan will extend the coverage online via the NewsHour interactive digital map center and “NewsHour
All Hours” – a 24-hour livestream on multiple channels that offers viewers an "all-access pass" to the conventions.

A repeat of the evening’s convention coverage will air from 9pm to 1am on our 2nd Chance channel.