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Create's New Look

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Widescreen comes to WDSE•WRPT’s How-to Channel

Beginning May 4, WDSE•WRPT’s Create channel will sport a new 16x9 format and a new on-air and online look, resulting in a more viewer-friendly experience. Create has been public television’s go-to channel for cooking, painting, crafting, gardening, travel and home improvement for 10 years! This milestone is marked by a refreshed brand logo and broadcast in widescreen.

Previously, Create was a 4X3 format that made the programs appear either letterboxed or postage stamped, with black borders, depending on the viewer’s TV or channel setting. The new 16X9 broadcast format will allow widescreen TVs to display the full picture height.

Be sure to check your channel settings after May 4 to verify that you are viewing the full widescreen image when your TV is in the normal picture setting. Some television sets offer zoom or wide picture settings to compensate for a letterboxed or postage stamped image. Viewers with a traditional 4x3 TV set will continue to see Create’s 16X9 programs as letterboxed.

Questions? Call WDSE•WRPT at (218)788–2831 or (888)563-9373 or send a message to email [at] wdse [dot] org.