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Congratulations to the Authors & Artists Winners!

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The 2014-2015 Authors & Artists Contest offered area students a chance to compete for scholarships and prizes through an artistic poster contest for elementary students and an essay competition for high school students. The contest drew entries from across the WDSE•WRPT viewing area.

Authors Contest Winners

Click the name of each essay to read them.

1st Place: Lucia Sanda Agostine, "I Found Myself Within a Name," Grade 12, Ashland High School
2nd Place: Anna Bitzer, "Magical Memories," Grade 12, Ashland High School
3rd Place: Ella Perrault, "Not My Time to Grieve," Grade 11, Marshall School

Honorable Mention

Andrew Naslund, "The Tree," Grade 12, Barnum High School
Emily Wallgren, "Imperfect," Grade 11, Proctor High School
Alayah Johnson-Jennings, "The Effects of Walking," Grade 10, Marshall School
Matina Campbell, "Knocking on Death's Door," Grade 9, Northwood School

Artists Contest Winners

2nd Grade

1st Place: Regine Frederick, “Stuck in Elevator,” St. James Catholic School
2nd Place: Averi Johnson, “First Rollercoaster,” North Star Academy
3rd Place: Esther Mekkes, “Kittens,” Washington Elementary

3rd Grade

1st Place: Robert Egger, “Humongous Bass,” Hayward Intermediate School
2nd Place: Avery Poppe, “Logrolling,” Hayward Intermediate School
3rd Place: Mya Gronner, “Monkey Bars,” Cromwell-Wright Elementary School
Honorable Mention: Josie Suhonen, “Christmas Horse,” Cromwell Wright Elementary School

4th Grade

1st Place: Cameron Neumann, “Ocean, La Jolla,” Queen of Peace School
2nd Place: Isabella Genereau, “Washington, D.C.,” Queen of Peace School
3rd Place: Mary Cate Peterson, “Yellowstone Buffalo,” North Star Academy
Honorable Mention: Veronnica Wahman, “Snowball Fight,” North Star Academy

5th Grade

1st Place: Bella Wizik, “Sunset,” Lowell Elementary School
2nd Place: Anja Kuhlke, “Snow Dogs,” Marshall School
3rd Place: Gianna Boheim, “Picking Apples,” Lowell Elementary School
Honorable Mention: Keegan McAuliffe "Tetons from Plane," North Shore Community School; Aiden Fitzpatrick, "Fishing Pole," North Star Academy