Celebrate WDSE • WRPT Day!

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On September 13, 1964, WDSE•WRPT sent out its first broadcast signal. Since that fall day, WDSE•WRPT has proudly served this community through providing educational and informational content for all ages to enjoy.

In recognition of WDSE•WRPT’s legacy of service Mayor Emily Larson proclaimed September 13, 2019 “WDSE•WRPT Day” in the City of Duluth!

Thank you for your ongoing viewership and support of this station. We hope you'll join in the celebration with us today!

Watch Emily Larson proclaim 'WDSE WRPT Day'

City of Duluth Proclamation


In 1952 the Federal Communication Commission reserved channels for nationwide non-commercial, educational television, including the Duluth-Superior Area Educational Television Corporation in Duluth, Minnesota, known as WDSE • WRPT; and


Under the leadership of educator George Beck, in 1957 WDSE • WRPT was dedicated by the FCC to remain as an educational television channel; and


WDSE • WRPT was formed to create educational and truly public television worth watching; and


On September 13th, 1964, WDSE • WRPT sent out its first broadcast signal with a full day of educational and entertaining programming; and


WDSE • WRPT is a community-focused, nonprofit station that, from its inception and across its 55 years of continuous service, was made possible through strong, ongoing community support, and has continued to stay true to its founding mission throughout the years of providing truly public television and media for youth and adults that is educational and accessible to everyone in its broadcast area; and


The station is the keeper of our region’s history, telling our stories through over 10 locally produced programs per year and are focused on sharing information on local issues and uplifting local voices; and


On this occasion of the anniversary of WDSE • WRPT’s initial broadcast, the City of Duluth enthusiastically celebrates its commitment to providing our community with educational and informational television and media.

Now, therefore,

Be it resolved that I, Emily Larson, Mayor of the City of Duluth, do hereby proclaim September 13th, 2019 as

WDSE • WRPT Day in the City of Duluth, Minnesota.