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Where Do Soldiers Come From?

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From a snowy, small town in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to the mountains of Afghanistan, this documentary follows the four-year journey of childhood friends from Hancock, MI who join the National Guard after graduating from high school. "Where Do Soldiers Come From?" closes the 24th season of POV (Point of View). The film will stream in its entirety on the POV website (see link below), November 11 – December 11.

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The film focuses on three of the 10 friends who joined — Dominic, who takes art classes and paints large murals in the abandoned buildings that belonged to a once-thriving copper mining industry; Cole, the comedian in the group; and Matt Beaudoin (“Bodi”), who has a history of military service in his family and is proud to serve his country. They change from carefree teenagers who spend their days swimming in Lake Superior and drinking at bonfires to soldiers getting hit by homemade bombs in Afghanistan and combat veterans dealing with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). "Where Do Soldiers Come From?"

chronicles the young men's transformation from restless teenagers to 23-year-old combat veterans trying to start their lives again, the film offers an intimate look at the young Americans who fight our wars, the families and towns they come from -- and the way one faraway conflict changes everything.

VIDEO: POV What Was It Like in Afghanistan?

Watch What Was It Like in Afghanistan? on PBS. See more from POV.

American television’s longest-running independent documentary series, POV is the winner of a Special Emmy Award for Excellence in Television Documentary Filmmaking, an International Documentary Association Award for Best Continuing Series and the National Association of Latino Independent Producers’ 2011 Award for Corporate Commitment to Diversity.