Twice Born - Stories from the Special Delivery Unit

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The gripping three-part documentary series, spotlights the alternately heartbreaking and life-affirming stories from inside the world’s leading fetal surgery center at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Join expectant parents who face a gut-wrenching decision: Should they take a leap of faith to repair birth defects with pre-natal surgery, even if it means they could lose their child? Gain insight into the lives of an unusual team of doctors who have defied skeptics and chosen to pursue this high-risk, high-reward career path.

Twice Born - Stories from the Special Delivery Unit

Tuesdays at 7pm on PBS North


03/31/15 - Watch a rare procedure and an attempt to remove a tumor from a fetus still attached to her mother.

04/07/15 - Get a close-up look at surgery on a baby in the womb — the first time ever in a major TV broadcast.

04/14/15 - Follow a couple seeking help for their unborn child, who has a lower urinary tract obstruction.