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Titanic's 100th Anniversary

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PBS will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, the deadliest peacetime maritime disaster in history, with three new programs this April. Each program provides a unique perspective on the April 14, 1912, disaster - from historical drama to science to personal stories of the effect of the tragedy on the descendants of those who perished and those who survived.

Saving the Titanic

April 1 at 9pm on PBS North (Repeats at Midnight on PBS 2nd Chance)
April 10 at 8pm on PBS North (Repeats at 11pm on PBS 2nd Chance & Midnight on PBS North)
April 14 at 8pm & 11pm on PBS 2nd Chance
April 15 at 7pm on PBS 2nd Chance

Follow a dramatic interpretation of the Titanic’s final hours, told from the point of view of the engineers below deck as they struggle to maintain power and keep the ship afloat to save as many lives as possible.

The Titanic with Len Goodman

April 10 at 7pm on PBS North (Repeats at 10pm on PBS 2nd Chance)
April 14 at 7 & 10 pm on PBS 2nd Chance
April 15 at 6pm on PBS 2nd Chance

Join Len Goodman, a judge on “Dancing With the Stars,” as he examines the 100-year legacy of the Titanic, exploring the human stories that unfolded in the years after the ship sank.

NOVA: Why Ships Sink

April 18 at 8pm on PBS North (Repeats at 11pm on PBS 2nd Chance)
April 20 at 7pm on PBS 2nd Chance
April 22 at 6pm on PBS North (Repeats at 9pm on PBS 2nd Chance)

Are you safe aboard a modern cruise ship? Some engineers fear that these towering behemoths are dangerously unstable. Now, NOVA brings together marine engineering and safety experts to ask if we really safe at sea — or are we on the brink of a 21st century Titanic.