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Wednesdays on PBS brings the most exciting and inspiring stories that curious families crave. Join Nature, NOVA, and Your Inner Fish for stories of friendship, compassion, and life. Get television's best primetime line-up of nature, science and technology programs...Think Wednesday, Think PBS.


Wednesdays at 7pm on PBS North

4/9 - My Bionic Pet: Meet inspiring disabled animals and remarkable individuals who help them persevere and thrive.

4/16 - Touching the Wild: Join Joe Hutto as he crosses the species divide and becomes part of a wild mule deer family.

4/23 - Snow Monkeys: Follow a troop of snow monkeys in Japan to see how they prepare to face the world.


Wednesdays at 8pm on PBS North

The NOVA 3-part series, Inside Animal Minds, airs April 9-23.

4/9 - Inside Animal Minds: Bird Genius: Explore breakthroughs in the science of animal cognition.

4/16 - Inside Animal Minds: Dogs & Super Senses: Find out what it’s like to be a dog, a shark or a bird.

4/23 - Inside Animal Minds: Who's the Smartest?: Investigate the social lives of some of the smartest animals on the planet.

Your Inner Fish

Wednesdays at 9pm on PBS North

4/9 - Your Inner Fish: See how the genetic legacy of a fish can be seen today in our own DNA.

4/16 - Your Inner Reptile: Learn which parts of our bodies we’ve inherited from our reptilian ancestors.

4/23 - Your Inner Monkey: Find out which beneficial traits — and some less useful ones — our primate progenitors bequeathed us.